Thomas Dilgen

Senior Technical Supervisor, Technical Support, NSLS-II Mechanical Engineering Group, ASD

Prior to joining NSLS-II, Tom was the technical supervisor for the Laboratory’s Magnet Division, responsible for the day-to-management of as many as twenty-five technicians.

Tom started as a Senior Technician 31 years ago and has been assigned progressively higher levels of responsibility. As well as managing the technicians at the Magnet Division, Tom was also responsible for the coordination of union craftsmen and ordering raw materials for the fabrication of magnets and tooling. Tom also was the Building Manager, Work Control Coordinator, 90-Day Area Coordinator, Local Emergency Coordinator, and rigging and forklift trainer/evaluator.

Reporting to Sushil Sharma, Tom’s new responsibilities will include planning, directing and reviewing the work of a large group of highly-skilled technicians in the testing, assembly and installation of the magnets, supports, frontends and utility subsystems during the construction and commissioning phase of the NSLS-II Project, as well as estimating and scheduling manpower needs, determining technical specifications, evaluating progress and results, recommending changes in procedures or objectives and instituting specific training and development needs for staff.

Phone: 344-7455