Robert Sikora

Supervisor of NSLS-II RF Group, Accelerator Systems Division, NSLS-II

Bob Sikora, joined Brookhaven National Lab in 1982, during his 26 years with the lab, he worked on such projects as CBA. Bob’s primary responsibly in the early years was in the making of superconducting braid, which was used in the coil windings of these magnets. In1983 Bob transferred to AGS, where he worked in the vacuum group supporting machine operations. He soon became responsible for the Booster Vacuum group, coordinating the effort of preparing the Half Cell chambers to meet the Ultra High Vacuum requirements designed to meet booster energies needed to inject into RHIC. Bob soon joined RHIC Beam Diagnostics group in 1992, where he supervised the building and instillation of all diagnostic equipment, which includes beam position monitors, kickers, pickups, and high frequency cavities. Bob’s has enjoyed a successful career at BNL being fortune to be part of building these accelerator systems. Today Bob has set his sights on a new career, supervisor of NSLS II RF group. His primary responsibility will be to provide the RF Group with technical support needed to create a safe working environment, along with the coordinating the internal and contract labor used in the assembly of these RF cavities that are used to accelerate the energies for NSLS II.
Bob holds Associates Degree in Electrical Engineering, Bachelors of Science in information & Technology and a Master Degree in Business Management. Bob enjoys spending his off time either fishing, motorcycle riding, and radio control model airplane flying. Bob and his wife Janet (who works in the Clinic) have been married for 25 years and have four children, their oldest daughter Lisa is 24 years old, Emily 22, Bobby 19, and Rachel 17. Bob’s two oldest are attending college and their son is in the Navy, Nuclear Submarine division. Bob is also a past Commodore of the Suffolk Boat Club, past Suffolk District Masonic leader, and currently President of the Radio Control Model Airplane Club with BERA.

Phone: 344-4875


  • M.A. 2008: Business Management,
  • B.S. 2006: Information & Technology,