Steven Hulbert


Steve Hulbert is the head of the NSLS Beamline Development and Support Section. This section is responsible for the support of the existing NSLS facility beamlines and the development of new ones. Steve is the spokesperson or co-spokesperson for Beamlines U4A, U7B, U11, U13UA, U14A, and U15. He is also a scientific contact for three of the NSLS insertion device beamlines: U5UA, U13UB, and X1B, which are high-resolution spectroscopy beamlines covering the 5-30eV (VUV), 10-100eV (soft soft x-ray), and 100-2000eV (soft x-ray) photon energy ranges, respectively.

Professional Activities

Phone: 344-7570
Fax: 631-344-7039


  • Ph.D. 1984: Physics, University of Illinois
  • M.S. 1980: Physics, University of Illinois
  • B.S. 1976: Physcis, Haverford College


  • Auger-PhotoElectron Coincidence Spectroscopy (APECS) from surfaces, including pure solids, thin overlayers, and surface alloys, especially those that involve strong electron-electron correlation.
  • Auger-Auger electron Coincidence Spectroscopy (AACS) from surfaces. To date, this new technique has been used to study the Auger cascade process that results from core photoionization of many-shell systems, e.g. Mn in MnO.
  • High-resolution VUV photoelectron spectroscopy, esp. angle-resolved photoemission studies of electron-phonon coupling in correlated-electron systems.
  • Spin-resolved photoemission spectroscopy with circularly-polarized soft x-rays, esp. studies of the electronic structure of magnetic materials surfaces.
  • Inverse photoemission spectroscopy of material surfaces, esp. early studies of surface states and resonances on pure and adsorbate-covered metal surfaces.
  • Palladium M[SUB]4[/SUB]-Valence-Valence and M[SUB]5[/SUB]-Valence-Valence Auger spectra determined by Auger-photoelectron coincidence spectroscopy

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