Lonny Berman


Lonny is currently a member of the Project Management Group of NSLS-II, in large measure looking after the genesis of new NSLS-II beamlines to be built, and is also a co-investigator in the CBMS P30 Center at NSLS-II.

Previously he was the Manager of the ABBIX (Advanced Beamlines Biological Investigations with X-rays) Project, funded by NIH, which focused on construction of three undulator-based beamlines for structural biology at NSLS-II and which completed in 2017.

Since joining NSLS in 1987, Lonny designed, constructed or upgraded, and operated synchrotron radiation beamlines at NSLS, and more recently has designed beamlines for NSLS-II. He developed optics and related instrumentation for these beamlines and for the benefit of others. He also investigated and made possible novel aspects and uses for synchrotron x-ray diffraction and photoemission.

Lonny was the Spokesperson for the NSLS insertion device beamline X25 from its inception, from which he stepped down in 2010. He was also a Co-PI of the PXRR -- A Resource for Macromolecular Crystallography at the NSLS, which was sponsored by NIH (as a P41 Center) and DOE BER and was in effect from 1998 through 2014, as well as its NSLS-II successor called LSBR (also a P41 Center), which was in effect from 2014 through 2019, after which CBMS (a P30 Center) followed.

In recent years Lonny assumed more management responsibilities, beginning in 2007 as a group leader at NSLS (until 2010, upon termination of the formal NSLS organization), later as a group leader (2010-2013) and interim associate division director (2011-2013) in the BNL Photon Sciences Directorate, and most recently as Project Manager of ABBIX beginning in 2013, which came to a close in 2017.

Professional Activities

Phone: 344-5333
Email: berman@bnl.gov


  • Ph.D. 1988: Applied Physics, Cornell University
  • M.S. 1983: Applied Physics, Cornell University
  • B.S. 1981: Physics, Cornell University


Key Publications

  • "J Woicik, E Nelson, I Kronik, M Jain, I Chelikowsky, D Heskett, L Berman, G Herman Hybridization and bond-orbital components in site-specific x-ray photoelectron spectra of rutile tio2. Phys. Rev. Lett., 89(7), 077401 (2002)."
  • "L Berman, Z Yin, Q Shen, K Finkelstein, P Doing, G Pan Characterization Of A Diamond Crystal X-Ray Phase Retarder. Rev. Sci. Instrum., 73(3), 1502-1504 (2002)."
  • "D Heskett, L Berman X-ray Standing Wave Investigation of (1x2)Rb/Cu(110). Phys. Rev. B: Condens. Matter, 61(12), 8450-8454 (2000)."
  • "J Ablett, L Berman Spectral Measurements and Synchrotron Radiation Calculation Comparisons of the New X25 Mini-Gap Undulator. Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A, 582, 37-39 (2007)."
  • "L Berman, M Allaire, M Chance, W Hendrickson, A Heroux, J Jakoncic, Q Liu, A Orville, H Robinson Optics Concept for a Pair of Undulator Beamlines for MX. Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A, 649(1), 131-135 (2011)."

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