David Scott Coburn

Project Engineer I, Beamline Support Group, NSLS-II Experimental Facilities Division

Scott joined the project on February 2, 2009. His primary role will include specification, design, analysis, fabrication/procurement, installation, and commissioning of X-ray beamline mechanical subsystems for the NSLS-II Project.

Scott brings years of valuable experience to this role including almost 20 years at BNL providing engineering support to the Condensed Matter Physics Department. Some of his projects include: TARDIS Soft X-ray In-vacuum Spectrometer (in progress); Beamline X22A located at the BNL NSLS; Liquid Spectrometer located at the BNL NSLS Beamline X22B; MERIX IXS Spectrometer located at the Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) Advanced Photon Source (APS) Beamline 30-ID; IXS spectrometer detector arm and Liquid Spectrometer both located at the ANL APS Beamline 9-ID; Sample/Detector Vacuum chamber for NSLS Beamline X9; integration of NSLS designed monochromator into NSLS Beamline X22C; and standardized/interchangeable sample environment system for X-ray studies.

Since June 2007, he has also provided engineering, design, and cost-estimating support to the NSLS-II Project for the initial suite of beamlines through a memorandum of understanding. Prior to joining the Lab in 1989, Scott spent 4 years as a Research Specialist at the University of Pennsylvania Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter and 3 years prior to that in a work study program at his undergraduate institution working on components for microprocessor-based systems.

Scott brings with him a strong engineering, design, and CAD modeling background that will be a tremendous asset to the NSLS-II Project.

Phone: 344-7110
Email: coburn@bnl.gov