James Rose

NSLS-II Deputy Director for Operations, Accelerator Division

Jim Rose is the Deputy Director for Operations and RF Systems group head for the NSLS-II Accelerator Division and is responsible for the 200 MeV Linear Accelerator, the booster RF system, the low level RF and superconducting RF cavity systems for the storage ring. Jim has worked with accelerator RF systems for over 25 years beginning in 1981 at the Nuclear Structures laboratory at Stony Brook University where he was responsible for the quarter wave and split-ring half wave resonator and cryo-module assembly labs for the superconducting heavy ion linac. In 1983 he joined Grumman’s Advanced Energy Systems group where he spent a year assigned to LANL developing a Radio Frequency Quadrupole (RFQ) for the GTA project in Los Alamos and subsequently the compact x-ray synchrotron light source (SXLS) project at NSLS in Brookhaven. In 1991 he joined RHIC project at BNL where he designed the HOM damped 28 MHz RF acceleration cavity and later became the RF group head, leading the development and commissioning of the RHIC RF systems. He then joined the NSLS DUV-FEL project where he developed a unique laser driven low level RF system to synchronize the laser to electron beam for seeding and HGHG research.

Jim received his Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from SUNY Oneonta and his Masters of Science in Electro-Physics from the Polytechnic University of NY.

Phone: 344-7079
Fax: 631-344-3395
Email: rose@bnl.gov


  • B.S. Physics, SUNY Oneonta
  • M.S. Electro Physics, Polytechnic University of NY