Vivian Stojanoff


Vivian Stojanoff is the spokesperson for the NIGMS East Coast Research Facility for structural biology at the NSLS. Her research interests are focused on the characterization of bio-molecular crystals and the development of new synchrotron methods and techniques for structural biology and biological materials.

Professional Activities

Phone: 344-8375
Fax: 631-344-3238


  • Ph.D. 1986: Solid State Physics, Crystallography, University of Sao Paulo
  • M.S. 1981: Solid State Physics, Material Sciences, University of Sao Paulo
  • M.A. 1979: Physics, University of Sao Paulo


  • High energy X-ray structural biology
  • Radiation effects in bio-molecular crystals
  • Development and exploration of bio-molecular crystal growth techniques
  • High resolution X-ray diffraction imaging
  • Automation of structural biology experiments
  • Structure determination of metalloproteins and enzymes

Key Publications

  • "T Boggon, J Helliwell, D Moorcroft, R Judge, A Olczak, E Snell, D Siddons, V Stojanoff Synchrotron X-ray reciprocal-space mapping, topography and diffraction resolution studies of macromolecular crystal quality. Acta Cryst. D, D56, 868-880 (2000)."
  • "B Capelle, Y Epelboin, J Hartwig, A Moraleda, F Otalora, V Stojanoff Characterization of Dislocations in Protein Crystals by Means of Synchrotron Double Crystal Topography. J. Appl. Cryst., 37, 67-71 (2004)."
  • "A Berntson, V Stojanoff, H Takai Application of a Neural Network in High-throughput Protein Crystallography. J. Synch. Rad., 10( ), 445-449 (2003)."
  • "J Jakoncic, M Di Michiel, Z Zhong, V Honkimaki, Y Jouanneau, V Stojanoff Anomalous Diffraction at Ultra-High Energy for Protein Crystallography. J. Appl. Cryst., 39, 831-841 (2006)."
  • "J Jakoncic, Y Jouanneau, C Meyer, V Stojanoff The Catalytic Pocket of the Ring-hydroxylating Dioxygenase from Sphingomonas CHY-1. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., 352, 861-866 (2006)."

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