Zhong Zhong


Zhong Zhong is the spokesperson for Beamline X17B1, a beamline specializing in high-energy x-ray diffraction. In addition, Zhong is also the local contact for Beamline X15A, specializing in Diffraction Enhanced Imaging and X-ray Standing Wave meassurements. <br><br>Zhong’s research interests are medical imaging and diagnosis using monochromatic x-rays, x-ray phase contrast, and x-ray optics. As co-inventor of the Diffraction Enhanced Imaging (DEI) method, his recent research efforts have been on investigation of DEI on mammography and cartilage imaging. Unlike conventional x-ray imaging methods, DEI is sensitive to phase contrast and is thus more suitable for soft-tissue imaging. Zhong also pioneered a new class of crystal optics for sagittal focusing of high-energy x-rays produced by synchrotron radiation source. Past work include contrast agent imaging applied to angiography using K-edge subtraction and monochromatic x-rays, development of bent-crystal monochromator for conventional x-ray source.

Professional Activities

Phone: 344-2117
Fax: 631-344-3238
Email: zhong@bnl.gov


  • Ph.D. 1996: Physics, State University of New York at Stony Brook
  • M.S. 1992: Applied Physics, Michigan Technological University
  • B.S. 1990: Physics, Beijing University


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