Timur Shaftan

NSLS-II Accelerator Physicist, Accelerator Systems Division

Timur Shaftan is in charge of development of the NSLS-II injector that consists of 200 MeV linear accelerator, 3 GeV booster, transport lines and storage ring injection straight section. Timur Shaftan has worked with accelerators for about 20 years beginning in 1988 at Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics (BINP) at Novosibirsk (Russia), where he was responsible for design of elements and subsystems of high-power microtron-recuperator. During his appointment at BINP, he performed a series of experiments on VEPP-3 storage ring, worked in facility survey team and commissioned 2-MeV microtron injector. In 2000, Timur Shaftan joined NSLS where he spent a year assigned to Accelerator Test Facility and in the same year began to work as an operator at the Source Development Laboratory (SDL) at Brookhaven. In SDL, he developed tools for machine commissioning, commissioned 200 MeV photoinjector and Free Electron Laser and brought the machine to a high level of performance. In 2004, he became a machine physicist for the NSLS booster where he developed advanced diagnostics and control system for troubleshooting and optimization of the NSLS injector parameters. Since 2004, he is leading the NSLS-II injector development.

Timur received his Masters of Science in Experimental Electro-Physics from the Novosibirsk Electrotechnic Institute and PhD from Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics.

Phone: 344-5144
Fax: 631-344-3395
Email: shaftan@bnl.gov


  • M.S. Experimental Electro-Physics, Novosibirsk Electrotechnic Institute
  • Ph.D. Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics