Lin Yang


Lin Yang is the spokesperson for beamline X9 and the group leader of the new LiX beamline at NSLS-II. He joined NSLS in 2001 as a postdoc and started to develop X-ray scattering instrumentation to support biophysics and nanoscience research. He first developed the SAXS endstation at beamline X21 that hosted user experiments from 2003 to 2009. In the mean time, he led the development of the undulator-based, combined SAXS/WAXS/GISAXS beamline X9, which started operations in July 2009. He is currently leading the construction of the LiX beamline, an X-ray scattering instrument for life science applications at NSLS-II.

Lin Yang's primary research interest is using model lipid membranes to facilitate the formation of 2D ordered assemblies of nanoscale objects (e.g. proteins and viruses), and using X-ray scattering to characterize the structure of these objects that are adsorbed to or embedded in the membrane, in both crystalline and fluid-like states. He has applied the same X-ray scattering methods to study ordered structures in other organic films such as those of organic semiconductors. As part of his responsibility as the beamline scientist, Lin Yang is also working on constantly improving instrumentation and data processing software for specialized experiments at X9, such as protein solution scattering.

Professional Activities

Phone: 344-5833
Fax: 631-344-3238


  • Ph.D. 2001: Physics, Rice University
  • M.A. 1998: Physics, Rice University
  • B.S. 1995: Physics, Beijing University


Key Publications

  • "L Yang, M Fukuto Modulated Phase of Phospholipids with a Two-Dimensional Square Lattice. Phys Rev. E: Stat. Phys., Plasmas, Fluids, 72, 010901(R) (2005)."
  • "L Yang, H Huang Observation of a Membrane Fusion Intermediate Structure. Science, 297(5588), 1877-1879 (2002)."
  • "L Yang, S Wang, M Fukuto, A Checco, Z Niu, Q Wang Structure and Interaction in 2D Assemblies of Tobacco Mosaic Viruses. Soft Matter, 5, 4951–4961 (2009)."
  • "L Yang, H Yang Use of a Hexapod in Diffraction Measurements of Substrate-Supported Crystals of Organic Semiconductors. J. Synch. Rad., 16, 788–795 (2009)."
  • "L Yang Using an In-Vacuum CCD Detector for Simultaneous Small- and Wide-Angle Scattering at Beamline X9. J. Synch. Rad., 20, 211-218 (2013)."

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