Yong Cai

NSLS-II Inelastic Beamline Group Leader

Cai earned his Ph.D. in Physics from La Trobe University in Australia in 1993. Since then, he spent most of his research career at state-of-the-art synchrotron facilities around the world, including BESSY, UVSOR, Photon Factory, NSRRC, ESRF, and SPring-8. He joined NSRRC (Taiwan) in 1998 as a research staff, and was appointed Group Leader for the Taiwan Beamlines at SPring-8 in 2003. He played a leading role in the establishment of the Taiwan Inelastic X-ray Scattering Beamline (BL12XU) at SPring-8. This beamline has been leading the world in the development of synchrotron inelastic x-ray scattering spectroscopy for investigation of electronic phenomena in correlated electron systems and in high-pressure science. He has been responsible for the management and operation of the beamline, including the design, construction, installation and commission of the beamline and the development of the scientific program and the user community.

Cai joined the NSLS-II project as the Inelastic X-ray Scattering Group Leader in December 2007, and has since been leading the effort on the 0.1meV optics R&D and the IXS beamline.

Phone: 344-7154
Fax: 631-344-4296
Email: cai@bnl.gov


  • Ph.D. 1993: Physics, LaTrobe University, Australia