Andrew Broadbent

NSLS-II Beamlines & Interface Manager

After earning B.Sc. degree in electronics in 1985 from Southampton University, UK, Broadbent held a two product development / project Management jobs in industry working on advanced motors and then superconducting magnets with Oxford Instruments. He was subsequently promoted into the Special Projects Group within Oxford Instruments and was responsible for the Electrical Engineering of the KLOE magnet, a 6m diameter solenoid for the DA╬ŽNE ring at Frascati, as well as large superconducting split pair, quadrupole and wiggler magnets.

In 1998, following a long installation in the US, he was asked by Oxford Instruments to move to Boston to represent the combined interests of Special Projects Group and the Accelerator Technology Group in North America. This role became primarily X-ray Beamline related when Oxford Instruments decided not to continue the large magnet business, and when the Accelerator Technology Group was sold to Danfysik, Broadbent elected to remain with the new business in the US.

In 2004, Broadbent took a role as the Beamlines Integration Manager at the Australian Synchrotron with managerial responsibility for the beamline staff as well as the schedule and budgets for construction of the first nine beamlines and six insertion devices (10 staff and A$64M budget). The first phase of this (photons on sample for the initial five beamlines) was completed on schedule and budget in March 2007. The initial five beamlines have Users, and the three IVU lines are expected to have Users before the end of the year; the remaining beamline for Imaging and Medical Therapy has components in manufacture and the 600m2 satellite station is almost complete.

At the end of 2007 Broadbent joined the NSLS-II team as the Beamlines Manager.

Phone: 344-7103
Fax: 631-344-4296


  • B.S. 1985: Electronics, Southampton University, UK