Oleg Chubar

Physicist, Beamline Support, NSLS-II Experimental Facilities Division

Dr. Chubar joined NSLS-II on January 12th from Synchrotron SOLEIL in France. At Soleil, Dr. Chubar was responsible for the calculations of synchrotron emission and wavefront propagation for 3rd and 4th generation sources; design and optimization of SOLEIL insertion devices, automation of magnetic measurements, undulator commissioning with e-beam, and participation in e-beam optical diagnostics and optimization of synchrotron radiation beamlines.

In 1995, Dr. Chubar completed his PhD in Physical and Mathematical Sciences from the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute where his research focused on the computation methods for synchrotron radiation and applications to electron beam diagnostics.

His responsibilities here at NSLS-II will be to develop, through advanced scientific software, the design and analysis of insertion devices and the radiation produced. He will also assist in procurement and commissioning of these devices.

Phone: 344-4525
Fax: 631-344-4296
Email: chubar@bnl.gov