Guimei Wang

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Injections Systems, NSLS-II Accelerator Systems Division

Dr. Wang joined the project on April 15, 2009. Prior to joining NSLS-II, Dr. Wang was a post-doc at Old Dominion University’s Physics department. During her tenure at Old Dominion, she concentrated on large momentum acceptance droplet arc design and muon cooling studies.

While attaining her PhD in Physics from Peking University in July 2008, Dr. Wang was employed as a research assistant at the Center for Advanced Studies of Accelerators, Thomas Jefferson Laboratory, Newport News, Virginia. During this time, Guimei was involved in constructing an FEL facility with a 3+1/2 cell DC-SC photo injector.

Reporting to Dr. Timur Shaftan, Injection Systems Group Leader, Dr. Wang will have responsibility for participating in the set-up of a pulsed magnet lab, assisting in the design and measurement of pulsed magnets for the beam transfer system of the NSLS-II facility, and investigating the possibility of a novel injection scheme using a pulsed sextupole magnet.

Phone: 344-4890
Fax: 3395


  • Ph.D. 2008: Physics, Peking University