Chenghao Yu

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Survey and Alignment, NSLS-II Accelerator Systems Division

Prior to joining NSLS-II on June 1st, Dr. Chenghao Yu held the title of Engineer at the Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, CAS, China, Department of Mechanical Engineering. He has over 8 years of research and engineering experience in survey and alignment of accelerators, specializing in data analysis and complicated field work.

Dr. Yu attained his Ph.D in Nuclear Technology and Application from the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing. His thesis work encompassed “The application research of 3D survey and alignment technique in SSRF.”

Reporting directly to Sushil Sharma, Dr. Yu’s major responsibilities include: updating primary and secondary survey networks for the NSLS-II site; updating network error analyses, developing procedures and databases for survey and alignment of the NSLS-II accelerator and beamline components with laser trackers, and participating in the ongoing R&D for the precision alignment of the girder-magnets assemblies.

Phone: 344-5060