Alexandre Sitnikov

Cryogenic Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, NSLS-II Utilities Group

Prior to joining NSLS-II, Alex worked at the Canadian Light Source (CLS) in Saskatoon, and TRIUMF in Vancouver (Canada). At the CLS and TRIUMF, he was responsible for managing all engineering aspects during design and bid reviews of the cryogenic components, operation and maintenance.

Alex attained his MS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Novosibirsk State Technical University, Russia and was immediately employed as a mechanical design engineer by the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics in Novosibirsk.

Reporting directly to Jim Rose, Alex’s responsibilities include the support of the cryogenic systems operation supplying the liquid Helium for the superconducting RF Cavities and liquid Nitrogen for the Beamlines.

Phone: 344-3841


  • M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Novosibirsk State Technology University, Russia