Edwin Lazo

Scientific Associate

Edwin O. Lazo obtained his B.S. in chemistry from St. Joseph's College of New York in 2010. During his undergradute studies he conducted research in mitigating radiation damage to protein crystals at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Upon graduation, he obtained an analytical chemist position at Forest Laboratories Inc. where he analyzed and characterized drugs.

In 2010, Edwin took his position at the National Synchrotron Light Source where he maintained and developed instrumentation for the X6A MX beamline. He was the local contact and instructed visiting scientists on beamline operations. He was also responsible for the remote and mail-in programs at X6A where users can collect data remotely or send in their samples for screening and data aquisition. In addition, he trained young researchers in protein crystallization, data collection, and structure solving.

In 2014, Edwin obtained his M.S. from Stony Brook Univeristy where he researched FtsZ from M. tuberculosis.

Currently, Edwin is involved in developing the AMX/FMX and LIX beamlines at NSLSII. Furthermore, he is part of the destabilization team at the NSLS.

Phone: 344-7247
Email: elazo@bnl.gov


  • M.S. 2014: Chemistry, Stony Brook University

Key Publications

  • "N Economou, I Zentner, E Lazo, J Jakoncic, V Stojanoff, S Weeks, K Grasty, S Cocklin, P Loll Structure of the Complex Between Teicoplanin and a Bacterial Cell-wall Peptide: use of a Carrier-Protein Approach. Acta Cryst. D, D69(4), 520-533 (2013)."