Jinhyuk Choi

Lattice Design Physicist, NSLS-II Accelerator Physics Group

Dr. Choi holds a PhD in Physics from Seoul National University and has been a working member of the Joint Accelerator Conference Workshop since 2002 and is currently the chair of this year’s Workshop on Accelerator Operation (WAO2010).

Prior to joining Brookhaven, Dr. Choi was employed for over twenty years at the Pohang Accelerator Laboratory in Seoul, South Korea and, prior to his leaving, held the position of Accelerator Division Head. Under his guidance, a GUI Windows program was developed to simulate particle tracking using a symplectic model and various graphic results which can be obtained directly, including frequency map analysis.

Working under the guidance of Sam Krinsky, Dr. Choi will utilize his lattice design and nonlinear single particle dynamics expertise to contribute to the continuing design and optimization of the NSLS-II storage ring lattice, and in the commissioning of the NSLS-II accelerator systems.

Phone: 344-5671
Email: jchoi@bnl.gov


  • Ph.D. Physics, Seoul National University